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Our flight to Vienna was smooth, we even got a coffee and some sandwich. Ok, the coffee was kind of yuck for Vince, but since my diet I don't judge anything's taste... they even give a packet of sweets to Kev.
We have a bit of a wait in Vienna, a few hours at least, so we sit down at a café and the boys play smtg on their tablets/phones and we have a drink. I wonder around the shops collecting one more Christmas gift - No kangaroos in Austria t-shirt for Kev and bag for me, kind of hilarious. I ignore all the Mozart kugels and products made of them.
Finally we get on our direct flight to Male. We sit slightly split as the plane was apparently packed, so the airport hostess was just about able to put us two by two, which was fine by us. We sit in the middle row, the plane is 2 + 3 + 2, so there will be not much of a view for us coming towards the Maldives, oh well, hopefully something will be seen out of the next domestic flight from one island to the other.
The flight is about 10 hours, but first we are entertained by some food, and then we all watch smtg, the inflight selection can not compare to Emirates but one can find something. I fall asleep, so does Kev, I don't have a clue if the big boys slept at all.


We land in Male in day light, a representative of Fisher travel agency awaits us at the airport and walks us to the transfer part of the airport, where all goes well and fast and we are boarding our next plane almost instantly. Víťa leaves his Aussie hat behind at the hand luggage screening point, a nice Maldivan guy lets him run back for it to get it. With our hats on, off we go to board the plane of Villa Group - Flyme. Starting to feel at home, ha!
We sit 2 + 2, so we all have a view out the window and the view of the reefs and atolls. Well, I think it is a spectacular view!
The flight is only 20 or so minutes and we land at Villa airport, ha, ha, ha. The luggage collection and all paper work are smooth and we are sitting on an air-conditioned small bus that should take us to the boat in no time. The bus ride on Maamigilli is really short, so it is hard to see any of the island. This is one of the inhabited islands, not only does it have the airport, but it has about 3000 inhabitants, a few guest houses, so a busy island in terms of Maldives, I think. I see a few buildings in the distance, they look ok, not made of mud or anything like Zanzibar. But surely the infrastructure is just about.


Our boat awaits us, they put the suitcases on too, nothing was lost, we all have everything, so off we go to Holiday Island which is right next to Maamigilli Island, probably like 10 minutes by boat.


We are greeted at the end of the long pier, the pier protects the coral reef around the island, so boats have to be careful which route they go. They take us to reception, we get a nice cold towel to freshen up and a lovely ice tea drink. We are asked to fill in some paperwork for the Villa Group, which is all done pretty quickly as only about 12-15 new guests arrived, that is including us. We are taken to our room, one is ready, the other one - interconnected to our one is still being cleaned, but is then ready in about 15 minutes time. Our hut is like 20 metres from the sea, it is in a shaded area, under palm and other tropical trees.


Vince has a bit of a nap, Vítek is also resting and me and Kev set off to the beach. We see a fish that suspiciously looks like a shark about 2 meters off the shore... and it looks like a shark, because it is a shark and there are quite a few. These will become our neighbors for the time of our stay. Apparently harmless, these are reef sharks, black tipped reef sharks to be perfectly precise. Me and Kev do a bit of snorkeling right away. We see nice fish, a lot of Black bar triggerfish are around, we see more of those sharks, we also see a white creature crawling on the sand floor perfectly camouflaged, looking like a trilobite, all in all, we are mesmerized by the underwater world that the front of our hut has to offer at our finger tips.


In the afternoon we think to have a bit of lunch as we are getting hungry and the dinner will only start at 7:30, but the prices of food put us off a bit and we opt for cocktails instead. While having cocktails we play some pool at the bar.
We can't wait to get to dinner and wow is dinner a crazy event. So much to choose from and one does not even know where to start. Vince usually ties out the soup bar, which has a choice of two types of soup. I hit the starters/salad bar, which has tons of different vegetables, sushi, olives, salads, sometimes something fishy too and dozens of toppings - flavored olive oil and different types of dressings and vinegar.


We are pretty tired so we go to sleep quite early. This was a long day regardless, looking forward to tomorrow.

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